Therapy for dogs



-                                                Manual therapy

Treatment of individual joints to improve mobility and reduce pain. Passive movements help weakened dogs after operations, in arthroses or even older dogs by nourishing their joints and improving their blood circulation.


-                                                 Massage

Classic massage for relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, release of tensions and nerve impulses in paralysis and for the general well-being of the dog. Connective tissue massage helps against persistent discomfort after fractures, surgery, and with circulatory disorders. This has an effect on the internal organs through the skin-organ-reflex.


-                                                 Pain point treatment

Treatment of painful points by massage of trigger points.


-                                                 Dorn Method

For releasing blockages on the spine. Such blockages can also produce shoulder, hip and knee pain in addition to the back pain.


-                                                Lymphatic drainage

To treat swelling, after operations for example, from edema and to speed up the healing of the wound, to relieve pain and helps remove/against mucus in the bronchial tubes.

In addition, a manual lymph drainage is very calming and can therefore be used for anxious or nervous dogs to induce relaxation.


-                                                 Laser treatment

Lasertherapy improves the blood circulation of the dogs, is anti-inflammatory and enhances wound healing.

Can be used after surgery, for tension, sprains and other pains.


-                                                 Energetic therapy

Acupuncture massage stimulates the energy flow in the meridians. This helps the body fight against foreign antibodies such as viruses and bacteria as well as giving a faster recovery after an injury.


            Leech therapy

                            A very old healing method with a wide range of possible applications